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Making my way through life sunset at a time.

The Story behind the story...

The story behind the story..

Writers have an innate curiosity about the world around them, as well as the keen eye of a master detective. The one thing I've learned over my time as a journalist is that there is always a story behind the story.


Every location I've ever been to, as well as every person I've met along the way, has a greater story to be told.

It is that sense of curiosity that calls me each and every day. It is my job to bring these stories to you.

Wanderlust? Spirit of adventure? Maybe...

All that I know is there is a new quest waiting for me around the corner. How can I resist? 

I'm a freelance writer and nature photographer with a focus on travel writing. I have experience as a freelance journalist and feature writer with many published newspaper articles. I also have many years of experience in blog writing. I can write conversationally or formally.


No matter what topic I'm writing about, or the style I'm using, my goal is to engage readers into the story. I hope to leave them feeling inspired, moved and having learned something along the way.


You can view samples of my writing by visiting the pages below. I have


If you are interested in featuring my writing for your travel publication or website, please feel free to contact me.


Happy Travels!

- Valerie


Valerie Lemke
Freelance Writer/Photographer
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